1. admin says:

    We bought our baby girl from Tamilla in August and she has been a wonderful addition to our home. She plays so well with our male cat, and they are always together. You can tell Tamilla gives the cats a lot of love and socialization. Not to mention, she’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen. We love our grey poofball and we are so happy to have found Tamilla’s catery.

  2. admin says:

    I got my boy from Tamila 2 weeks ago and he is wonderful! He is such a sweet and beautiful kitten. We got everything that Tamika suggested~ food, etc and everything went smoothly. He flew in and all was fine. Have heard from her several times to check on him. She truly loves her babies and it shows. Looks like we will be getting another one.

  3. admin says:

    We love our baby LaRue!! He joined our family July 2. Everything went so smoothly. Tamila has answered all my questions daily. Thank you for letting this beautiful boy be apart of our family! He melts our heart daily and purrs very loudly. Much love!!!!

  4. admin says:

    We received brother and sister kittens from Tamila on July 6. They are amazing! This is our 3rd set of British Shorthairs and we love the breed. Tamila kittens are the best, very loving, smart and playful. They both did very well with our older BSH as well. Tamila is also very helpful and always available with good advice on care

  5. admin says:

    We received a beautiful sweet black Brit Kit from Tamila in mid-June. Panther is not only beautiful, but a sweet, spunky, energetic ball of love. We love her to pieces and are grateful to Tamila, Mommy Kitty Katniss, and the rest of the family for our precious new addition. Tamila kept us posted weekly with news and pictures of our baby from birth until adoption. She is very responsive and helpful. A true cat lover indeed. 🙂 Thank you! Nicole Edwards

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